Gift Giving Made Easy with Ryobi

Ughhhhh Father’s Day.

Look, it’s not that I don’t like the day itself, or the idea of showing Benji that we all appreciate him. It’s just that Benji is the hardest person in the world to buy stuff for.

Every special occasion it’s the same. “What do you want for *insert special day here*?”

“I don’t need anything. You and the girls are all I want.”

SPEW. Also, not very helpful Benjamin.

We usually settle for some new jocks and a case of beers. In terms of originality, we are severely lacking… Until now that is.

You see, now that our renovations are over, Benji’s focus has shifted to the garden that we let go a while ago when we had tradies trampling through it every day. Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to get back on track!

And thanks to the Ryobi Gift Guide, I’m going to pick the perfect presents for the kids to give to Dad this year.

Much tools. Very powerful. So confusing. Narrow it down for me Gift Guide!

Not that I don’t like roaming through Bunnings on a Saturday with a snag in one hand and, um yeah, another snag in the other. It’s just that when it comes to power tools, I can get a little overwhelmed with choice.

This is where the Gift Guide comes in handy. You simply pop in the stuff you know (e.g. I’m looking for gardening gear, so I popped gardening into the interests) and it sorts the results for you by relevance. You can search using different categories like price, power source and type of tool as well and its super user-friendly.

Now I’ve done my searching, I’ve narrowed the field to a hedge trimmer and a leaf blower. Both essential items for Benji to tend to our growing box hedge and deciduous plants. Talk about wife of the year – stop the search and hand me the trophy. Better luck next year!

Image 5-8-18 at 11.40
Prize does not include small child unless she’s been particularly painful the day I ship the package your way…

To celebrate the launch of the Ryobi Gift Guide, I’ve teamed up with Ryobi to give away an amazing prize pack valued at $399. Consisting of:

  • Compact Drill Driver
  • Impact Driver
  • Angle Grinder
  • 164mm Circular Saw
  • 2 x 2.5ah Batteries, and a
  • 2A Charger

All you have to do is head to my Instagram and follow the instructions on my post. Easy!

Whilst this blog and competition is a collaboration between the Jaded Monkey and RyobiAU, I only work with brands who I use and love.

All ONE+, 36V and 12V tools are now eligible for a 6-year replacement warranty with online registration.

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