Who do You Dress For?

A friend of mine was telling me a story recently about a girl she knows. Said girlfriend was in a clothes shop, contemplating buying a rather expensive but fabulous shirt. As she ummmmed and ahhhhhed about her possible purchase, she looked at her friend and exclaimed, “Craig is going to kill me if I buy this. He won’t like it at all.” As my friend recalled the story, she threw her arms up in the air. “Who cares what Craig thinks?”

Obviously, in this instance, this particular person cared what Craig thought. Enough that she walked away from the fabulous shirt and now probably goes to sleep every night thinking of nothing but how it could be hanging in her wardrobe right now making all the other, slightly less fabulous pieces hanging around it feel slightly inadequate.

This sleeve length is maybe the best thing in the world…

On my last trip to Melbourne, one of my main objectives was shopping. I had squirreled away every hard-earned dollar from selling the girls pre-loved clothes, a few Gumtree purchases and bits of spare change I could put to the side, so I could go nuts in a few stores that I don’t have access to in Canberra. Yes, online shopping makes pretty much everything accessible, but sometimes there is nothing better than actually going into a store and being able to try on things before making a purchase.

So, like I was saying… I had come to shop. I had cash in my hand, and a list of shops to visit. What I did not have though, was a list of items that I was or wasn’t able to purchase based on what my husband likes. Sure, I like it when Benji says I look nice, but bless him – he pretty much reckons I look good in a potato sack (note: I do not wear potato sacks around the house, or anywhere else for that matter).

Too cold to wear your favourite dress? Grab a crazy-cat-lady cardi, hold your head high and go live your best life

I dress for me.

I like it. I can afford it. I buy it. I wear it.

Exhibit B – a previous man in my life used to hate the way I dressed. As far as he was concerned, I wasn’t doing my body any justice hiding it from the world. It was something that should have been showed off in tight, feminine clothing at all times. I thought about what he said, and then went shopping for as many formless, androgynous outfits as my bank balance would allow #icantbelievehewasnttheone

Call that selfish if you want, but I don’t think you will. You see, the way I dress is just one of the ways I show the world who I am. When I wear clothes I feel comfortable in, I am confident, I walk taller, I feel powerful. Like the world is mine for the taking. If I start dressing for someone else, in shapes or colours that don’t quite suit my vibe, this doesn’t happen. I feel like an imposter.

Gotta love a dress that you can wear with heels or sneakers, but yeah, mostly sneakers

As Avery gets older, she is starting to figure out her own look. She likes being able to pick what she wears and how. Sometimes she nails it, sometimes she looks like a cute little hobo. But maybe in her head, she’s rocking her vibe. Walking taller, feeling more powerful. So I won’t stop her. Just like Benji won’t stop me.

So let me ask you – who do you dress for? Do you have the fabulous shirt hanging in your wardrobe, or just in your head as you close your eyes at night?

All fabulous outfits and earrings kindly gifted by some of my favourite stores. Grab a wine and go find something amazing for you, not your partner below:

Outfit One: Whitehaven Emporium – A Nice Cotton Dress with Sleeves in Chai Lattice $84.95

Outfit Two: Seagrass Design – Pebbles Button Dress $229.00

Outfit Three: Assemble Clothing – The Lakehouse Dress $99.95

All Earrings: Love Buds by Amy – Prices Vary

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